Easter Lunch

Welcome aperitifs / bubbles

Soffice ai bruscandoli with ricotta smoked with apple tree

Fagottine asparagus and Cormons Fowl Pecorino

Corkscrew with Istrian shrimp tails and wild fennel broom

The Cherso kid with potatoes at Carsolina

Veal lonely with herbs

Caponata with pomegranate eggplants in confit

Sorbetto with berries

Easter egg / white chocolate mousse,  with the hazelnuts and passion fruit

The Easter’s Pinza / The Ponte’s biscuits

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Valentine’s day

Creamy pumpkin with Hazelnuts and Pecorino di Fossa

Thistle of sea bass, raisins and mustard at Picolit

Cod stuffed with lukewarm polenta and pears


Spaghettini drawn with clams and bottarga

Risotto stuffed with Rose of Gorizia and bacon

The casserole case with shrimp and its consommé

Stracotto at Refosco with potatoes with carrots

Grilled bass with capers and lemon

Lamb with pistachio and apple vinegar


The orange soup and chocolate mousse

Bavarian with raspberries

Millefee with lukewarm cream

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€ 60.00 per person

The new hot tub arrived

After a long day’s work or in a cold winter weekend, give yourself a relaxing bath in our whirlpool to rejuvenate the psycho-physical balance and harmony lost.


Bollicine with our Christmas greetings


Cod stuffed with soft polenta and pears


Capon broth with homemade tortelli

Mussels and chestnuts


Lightly smoked turkey with sage and capers

Pezzata red carolina with potatoes of S. Martino in the oven


Red Christmas

Small Ponte’s pastry shop

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Buffet Dinner

30 € at person


Pumpkin Cream with Fossa Pecorino Blossom and misticates


The risotto stuffed with pumpkin and sausage


Pumpkin gnocchi


Milk pork roast with pumpkin and pear jelly


Pumpkin ice cream

Cream of cream and amaretto with pastatina with pumpkin and mint

Ponte’s puddles


Matching wines

40 €